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About Me

I am Bro. Readme (username from I am a filipino, a born INC member, a kadiwa, a finance officer, living here in Manila, Philippines.

I was inspired making this blog because of the negative views of nonmembers to the Iglesia ni Cristo. Mostly can be called myth, accusation, lie and so on.

As i typed "Iglesia ni Cristo" on search engines, numerous blogs and websites  were created by the detractors of the INC that spreads misinformation about the church.

"Bro. Felix was a rapist" to "Iglesia ni Cristo is of the devil", theres so many attacks the INC got from the past and until now. A never ending accusations, because those "attacks" were just being repeated again and again though those were already answered. 

What convince me more to "take an action" about these unfair things, was the attitude of most nonmembers, that whatever answer you say to them, they still doesnt believe you. know why? because youre a member of the IGLESIA NI CRISTO. 

Take note: The Iglesia ni Cristo is the most persecuted religion in the Philippines from 1914 up to the present.


Pardon me if i used maybe "inappropriate words" as this is a Christian blog such as "dumb", among many. BUT, i do not said those just because i wanted to, i just describe who they are.

Pardon me if i, as you observe, "frank and straight" when talking. know why? Because i wanted for their consciousness be back so they will know what theyre doing, its also my way of saying (TAMA NA, SOBRA NA!) please stop, Its been too much!

Pardon me if i am being straight and direct, for example i am referring to a specific religion,  I do not intend in any way, to hurt one's feelings but i am here to defend our side, to their attacks so, when im writing a post, i cant avoid to be emotional that's why you can read to some of my posts that you think im mad. But ill promise to change that and be calm always.^^

I get info's to my posts from Pasugo Magazines, from the internet and i also ask some people about a topic as a source.

Always remember: I am not a representative of the Iglesia ni Cristo, and there's no one here in the internet. I and others are just members and we are just sharing what we know about the church. This blog is an unofficial blog of the Iglesia ni Cristo that aims one thing: to stop lies to be able to show the truth.


Pardon me if i do have grammatical errors, wrong terms used and so on in my posts, what i can only promise you is that as time goes by, i will do my best to develop my "english"!^^

I use Philippine English, that's why you may not understand some sentences because of the grammar.

I use SMARTBRO prepaid broadband, i am not able to manage my blog always because im just subscribing through getting unlimited 5days^^


(Wrong grammar, wrong spelling, wrong term, inappropriate word used, you cannot understand a phrase/sentence on my posts and etc.)

If you will notice any mistake on my posts or you have something to tell me about it or you have any concern, just comment on that particular post/article and i will appreciate it very much.


Note: I built this blog with my sincere intention, to SHOW THE TRUTH inside the Iglesia ni Cristo, Church of Christ. I didnt purpose just to "DEFEND" the church, if that will be the case i will be like catholic defenders and others who just make DEFENSE to their churches even if it is obviously wrong, i am not bias that is why i tell always to my posts whats really happening inside the church. 

Why am i like that?

You know, i am not paid for doing such things, i am even discouraged by other brethren to stop this blog but i know what i am doing, i know my limitations. I will not be rich with these things, I will not get material things with these, i will not get special awards with these and so on. On the contrary, i cost money because of the internet connection, i make efforts on my researches, and i sometimes even sleep midnight just to make a post. I am not doing such efforts just to make lies and to invent stories, i am doing these to show you the TRUTH that we know, to share what we believe as we think it is right.

I am not forcing you to believe me, and to believe us so its up to you. It is your heart who will judge and not others. It is also up to you if you believe them who create attacks and invent stories about the church, or us who knows well about the church...



I now have the permission to post materials like photos and videos from our official websites and facebook fanpages. 

The official blogs of mine are: (Places of worship service directory)

I do not own any other blogs and websites that are accused to me.

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created: July 2009