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March 30, 2012

Philippine Arena March 2012 UPDATE

Ciudad de Victoria and the Phil. Arena

TWO/ECO Tourism Development Consultants has secured for New San Jose Builders, Inc. (NSJBI) the designation of Ciudad de Victoria, as a 58 hectare tourism enterprise zone in Bulacan province.

It is anchored by New Era University's (NEU) Philippine Arena, the largest fully enclosed dome in the world, with a seating capacity of 50,000 persons. In Ciudad de Victoria, NEU will also construct (a) EGM Medical Center, targeting the medical tourism market, (b) the NEU Sports Complex, giving the Philippines a world-class facility for international competitions, and (c) a new university campus, with specific focus on educational tourism, symposia, and training.

NSJBI will be responsible for the overall development of the zone, from the infrastructure to the provision of facilities for accommodations, and a retail area for the exposition of Bulacan's products in pastries, fireworks, jewelry, horticulture, furniture, among others.

Ciudad de Victoria thus creates a unique tourism experience, at the intersection of leisure, business, education and well-being, where people can travel not only to be entertained, but to learn, believe and succeed.

Ciudad de Victoria, through the Philippine Arena and the NEU Sports Complex, thus provides large venues for events - particularly for competitions, concerts, and conventions - but when coupled with the medical center and university, it creates unique tourism markets that emphasize both intellectual and physical well-being.

Considering its location on the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) between the existing hubs of Metro Manila (45km from Ninoy Aquino International Airport) and Clark Special Economic Zone (65 kms from Diosdado Macapagal International Airport), Ciudad de Victoria is thus highly accessible both to domestic and international tourism, having direct access to NLEX and being roughly an hour to the international airports of Manila and Clark. The projected North Rail and Metro Rail 7 developments are likely to make Ciudad de Victoria even more accessible.

Ciudad de Victoria will be developed by New San Jose Builders, Inc., a real estate company with a robust portfolio of service and recreational facilities, transport infrastructure, sustainable townships and prime residential condominiums. NSJBI, however, has not only recently entered the tourism industry but has made a significant impact with its own venture, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar (see also our previous post, here). Las Casas is a heritage themed resort along the West Philippine Sea, in the province of Bataan, where guests are accommodated in reconstructed and restored Philippine Spanish colonial period houses.

The Philippine Arena was designed by consulting firms internationally recognized for the architecture and design of large public facilities, Populous and Buro Happold, and will be built by Hanwha construction of Korea.

More information to follow.

source: twoecoinc.com

Industry report: Tourism incentives body approves first two ecozones

IT'S BEEN three years since the passage of the Tourism Act of 2009 that grants incentives to tourism investors under a new super-body called the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA). What has been accomplished so far?

The TIEZA has designated only this year the first two tourism economic zones under Republic Act (RA) No. 9593, which seeks to attract “economically viable, sustainable, and socially responsible enterprises.”

“The revised implementing rules and regulations of RA 9593 were approved only in August 2011. Now under the new mandate, we already designated two tourism economic zones (TEZs) last February,” TIEZA Chief Operating Officer Mark T. Lapid told BusinessWorld in an interview.

The Tourism Act of 2009 placed the functions of the Philippine Tourism Authority, which had administered government-owned tourist facilities, under TIEZA. The new agency, attached to the Department of Tourism, is tasked to designate, regulate, and supervise TEZs established under the act.

Under the tourism act, corporations, local government units and government agencies may apply to have an area designated as a TEZ. “Tourism investments should be a minimum of $5 million and five hectares, and should be [implemented] in five years,” Mr. Lapid said.

The first two TEZs are “Ciudad de Victoria” in Bulacan and a second entertainment and casino complex in front of Terminal 3 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, he said.

Ciudad de Victoria, to rise in Bocaue, Bulacan, will be a P25-billion investment. It will be undertaken by entities of the Iglesia ni Cristo.

The zone’s 58-hectare territory will enclose the New Era University’s (NEU) “Philippine arena,” the EGM Medical Center, the NEU sports complex, and a new university campus. The Philippine Arena is being eyed to become the largest closed dome in the world, with a 50,000 seating capacity.

The contractor will develop infrastructure, facilities for accommodations, and a retail area where products of the local community, such as pastries, fireworks, jewelry, horticulture and furniture, will be sold.

For the other newly approved TEZ, Mr. Lapid said investors will put up another hotel and casino complex in front of NAIA Terminal 3. The investment will be at least $5 billion.

“The two TEZs are [projected to generate] close to a hundred thousand jobs, from the construction to operations,” he added.

The TIEZA follows the same concept behind the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), which grants special benefits and incentives to investors in economic zones, Mr. Lapid said.

“RA 9593 has automatically [allowed] the coordination of the national and local government offices where the necessary permits and licenses are processed. We have created a ‘one-stop shop’ for investors, which makes [processing] easier,” he explained.

Mark Richard D. Evidente, a consultant specializing in tourism development and the principal drafter of the Tourism Act 2009, concurred. “For a businessman’s point of view, start-up costs -- the costs of going from office to office -- are always high. With the implementation of the act, it does become easier.”

The law aims to “provide full government assistance by way of competitive investment incentives and long-term development fund and other financing schemes.”

Enterprises within TEZs can obtain fiscal incentives like a six-year income tax holiday; duty-free importation of capital equipment and goods consumed in the course of services rendered; and tax credits on all locally sourced goods and services.

Non-fiscal incentives include employment of foreign nationals in executive, supervisory, technical or advisory positions; special investor resident visas for foreigners who will be hired by locators; and privileges in connection with foreign currency transactions.

Some incentives are also available to tourism enterprises outside TEZs.

Investors will also have access to expert advice. Mr. Lapid said the TIEZA has entered into an agreement with the University of the Philippines’ Asian Institute of Tourism (AIT).

AIT Dean Miguela M. Mena said in an interview: “We are assisting in establishing TEZs. We are involved in the assessment of proposals, providing necessary training and education, technology transfer, and the like.”

Sustainable tourism

Tourism ventures are encouraged to practice sustainable tourism and social responsibility. As regulator, TIEZA is supposed to ensure the well-being of people in the areas surrounding TEZs.

Mr. Lapid said his office is tasked to evaluate investors’ proposals or “business master plan” as part of the approval process.

TEZs are classified according to the nature of the business, which will determine the incentives they will get. TEZs can be cultural heritage, health and wellness, eco-tourism, general leisure and mixed-used zones.

Under RA 9593, investors are granted a social responsibility incentive or tax deduction for the cost of environmental protection or cultural heritage preservation activities, sustainable livelihood programs for local communities, and similar activities.

“[Part of the responsibility of] the investor is to [make sure that] when they come into a particular area, they have the least amount of community impact,” said Mr. Evidente, citing for example, the effect of a beach resort on the livelihood of fishermen. “If there is significant impact, [it has to find] ways in which it can bridge the community from one activity to another. In this case, the investor could employ the fishermen as part-time tour guides to accompany the divers, take tourists on island-hoping, or expose tourists to deep-sea fishing,” he added.

Incentives are important to allow investors to make better decisions and proposals. “Erratic, unplanned ventures create the different social and/or environmental problems,” Mr. Evidente said. “TIEZA creates that window where investors can come in and at the same time push for sustainable tourism,” he added.

The TIEZA is so far getting favorable reviews.

“In terms of government efforts, it’s very active right now in trying to make the tourism environment investment-friendly, by trying to lessen the problems or obstacles of private investors specifically in government procedures,” Ms. Mena said.

Mr. Evidente agreed, saying: “TIEZA only has a mandate of 10 years, so it’s really designed to act fast and build up investments in the tourism sector, rapidly.”

Two TEZs were approved in six months, although there are several pending applications, he noted. Under PEZA, 12 TEZs and two medical tourism zones were established up to June 2011, since the agency started accepting applications in 2000.

Having an investment promotion agency dedicated to tourism was a great development for the industry, Mr. Evidente said. TIEZA was able “to highlight that incentives are not simply given to jumpstart the tourism industry.”

“[It is] subsidizing investors’ costs arising from environmental protection, community development, and cultural heritage reservation, which are public goods necessary for sustainable tourism. That vision of having sustainable tourism is what’s attracting new investments,” he said.

source: bworldonline.com

March 25, 2012

show of FAITH not "show of force"

Many media reports said that the Feb. 28's GEM of the Iglesia ni Cristo at Quirino Grandstand was a show of force for Chief Justice Corona.

Was that true?

Ofcourse not. The Church Administration already made their official statement saying it was a pure religious evangelical work. But still, people have already made their own judgment in their minds that the gathering is really political. Well, we cant change their views and convince them to know the truth but that is IMPORTANT.

Want the truth? Here:

Sect says "mission" not show of force
Security was tight as tens of thousands of people belonging to the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) or Church of Christ sect flocked to Manila today from nearby provinces for a gathering dubbed a “grand evangelical mission.”
As of 3 pm (0700 GMT), police estimated the crowd to have swelled to almost 150,000. Authorities kept watch from a distance as buses carrying INC members arrived as early as 2 am.
National police spokesman Agrimero Cruz said authorities expected the crowd to reach a million participants.
The INC, considered the largest ethnic Christian organization in the Philippines, boasts a membership of two million, though pollsters estimate actual membership at about 1.5 million.
INC leaders today denied newspaper reports that the event was a show of political force by the sect.
“This religious activity is one of the means by which the Church propagates the teachings of God in the Bible,” said spokesperson Bienvenido Santiago.
News reports, however, quoted an INC insider saying that the event is “more than just a grand evangelical mission.”
The source said it is also meant to serve as a message to President Benigno Aquino and his allies that the INC was “not happy” with how Aquino had been running the government.
“This is just another way to show our displeasure,” the source told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.
Aquino said he would not attend the event.
“I was informed that my presence might … give a political tinge to the whole event,” he said. Aquino said the INC activity is apparently a preparation for the sect’s centennial celebration in 2014.
The president said INC leaders informed the presidential palace that the activity was “part of their religious obligations and part of their faith.”
Impeached Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona is also not attending the gathering, said his spokesman Midas Marquez.
“The Chief Justice will not attend the prayer and evangelical mission to avoid accusations that he is using the prayer rally for political purposes,” Marquez said.
Retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz, a vocal critic of the government, said he was invited to attend but declined because he is not clear about the purpose of the activity.
source: ucanews.com

INC prayer rally snarls traffic
THE Iglesia ni Cristo said the Grand Evangelical Mission it held yesterday is meant to preach the Word of God, and not to show support to anyone.
INC spokesman Bienvenido Santiago belied reports that the gathering was meant as a show of force for Chief Justice Renato Corona who is facing an impeachment trial and whose defense team is led by an INC member, former justice Serafin Cuevas.
"Hindi ito para sa kaninong tao kundi para sa kapurihan ng Panginoong Diyos, para sa kaligtasan ng lahat ng tao na sasampalataya sa aral ng Diyos na ipangangaral namin," he said at the sidelines of the event at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila.
The event at the grandstand, which started at 5 p.m., had gathered at least 600,000 members as of 6:45 p.m., according to the Manila Police District.
The program proper ended a few minutes before 7 p.m. but traffic in the area and surrounding areas was still heavy at around 9 p.m.
Traffic in several parts of Metro Manila was snarled even before noon.
Santiago said the event was a purely evangelical gathering that will involve their members as well as guests.
"Siguro masasabi natin na nagkataon lang yun," he said referring to the political angle the event has generated over the past few days.
"Ito ay isang purely religious gathering. At hindi katulad na sabi ng iba, at gaya ng nakikita ngayon, ang mga kapatid natin na naririto, kasama ang panauhing inimbita para makapakining sa salita ng Diyos na aming sinasamplataya," he added.
Corona did not attend the gathering despite an invitation.
He heeded the advice of Supreme Court justices and some friends who said he "might just be accused of using this (event) for political purposes, although all justices were invited," said SC spokesman and administrator Jose Midas Marquez.
The INC has not officially declared support for Corona but some members have locked horns with the administration of President Aquino who wants Corona ousted from the tribunal.
Ironically, the group which is known for its bloc voting during elections, made a last-minute endorsement of Aquino in the 2010 elections.
Aquino, at the sidelines of the 4th National Congress on the Coordinating Council of Private Educational Associations at the UST, said everyone was invited but he had been advised that his presence might give a political color to the event.
"Ang pagkasabi ho sa akin lahat imbitado dito dahil, hindi ba, parang ito nga iyung part of the evangelization work? Although at the same time parang may pinarating naman na my presence might make, give a political tinge to the whole event which detracts from the religious intention of this activity," he said.
Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda the other day said as far as they know, there had been no formal invitation sent to Malacañang or Cabinet members.
Asked about reports that the INC gathering was a show of support for Corona, Aquino said the administration has its own supporters.
"How about the number who are supportive of our efforts? I think you should also mention that. Pero huwag natin kalimutan, pinaaalala rin sa atin 2014 marks their centennial…These are the building actions towards that very grand event that they want. So there are others who are saying that there is a political dimension here. Their official communication to us is this is part of their religious obligations and part of their faith," he said.
Aquino reiterated he has a good relationship with the INC.
"I was supported by the church in 2010 and also in ’07 so nandoon iyung ‘thank you.’ I am sure that they have been partners like when I was still a congressman in Tarlac…iyung mga cleanliness drives, iyung a lot of their warm bodies on the street actually performing for the members of their church," he said.
Santiago reiterated there is nothing irregular with the gathering as they have been doing this for many years.
Similar grand evangelical missions were conducted at the Quezon Memorial Circle in 1995 and at the Amoranto Stadium in 1996.
He explained that similar gatherings have been conducted in the past, majority of which were held on a smaller scale.
Santiago said even the reported invitation to political figures was just incidental as the INC leadership did not send invitations.
The invitations were made by members. "Hindi organization ang nagi-invite. Mas episyente kung members ang nagi-invite," he said.
Among those who attended were Marquez, Pangasinan Rep. Gina de Venecia, sacked NBI director Magtanggol Gatdula, Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista, former senator Ernesto Maceda, Navotas Rep. Tobias Tiangco, former senator Juan Miguel Zubiri, and Laguna Gov. Emilio Ramon Ejercito.
The event was marked by hymn singing from a choir, prayers, and a two-part sermon from preachers.
The Quirino Grandstand was just one of 20 venues for the evangelical mission, the INC said Monday. The grandstand was for members from Metro Manila, Bulacan and the Calabarzon region.
Among other areas where similar gatherings were held were the provinces of Isabela, Tarlac and La Union and the cities of Bacolod, Cebu, Tacloban, Cagayan de Oro City and Davao.
Bus loads of INC members came from Metro Manila as well as the province of Bulacan and the Calabarzon Region as early as 6 a.m.
Traffic was snarled on roads leading to the grandstand.
Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chairman Francis Tolentino said public and private vehicles ferrying INC members started arriving as early as Monday night to early morning Tuesday.
Tolentino said the MMDA set parking areas at the north wing of the Quirino Grandstand, and another at the South Drive from Roxas Boulevard to Independence Road for those with car passes.
However, hundreds of vehicles parked in the area and occupied lanes of Roxas Boulevard and secondary streets near the Quirino Grandstand, resulting in traffic problems.
In an advisory on its Twitter account, the MMDA said. "Yung mga nag-park po kasi umabot na hanggang Cuneta Astrodome ang nasasakop ng INC vehicle kaya sinara muna natin yung portion ng area sa traffic." – With Evangeline de Vera, Jocelyn Montemayor and Ashzel Hachero
source: malaya.com.ph


What did the INC members show last Feb. 28, 2012?

Its called SHOW OF FAITH or SHOW OF UNITY and not a "show of force"

Why not it shouldnt be called "show of force"?

Simply because its not an all-INC gathering. The attendance in the Grand Evangelical mission nationwide last Feb. 28 were half INC members and half nonmembers.

Who are those people who claimed it was a "show of force" or a "strong message for P-Noy"?

Well, im not bias, that is why i will tell you what i had observed. Whenever i read news about INC associated to politics, or the name of the INC was dragged on political issues, i observed that media quotes some "high ranking INC official" or "INC insider", that's how they call them, they are the one's who claim something and so made as sources of news of media reporters while in the first place, they are not authorized to speak on behalf of the church.

Best example was the recent news saying Feb. 28th's GEM was a show of force and a strong message to Pnoy, those INC members made as sources of the news doesnt have the authority to make any statements especially affecting the integrity of the church. I just hope those "INC insiders or high ranking INC officials" should STOP doing such things because they are not helping the church, they are DAMAGING the church.

See this: (doesnt came from the official statement of the church admin. but only to those "INC insiders")

“The INC leadership and most of our members are displeased with how the [administration] is treating some of our brethren,” said the source, who asked not to be named because he was not authorized to speak on behalf of the sect.
“It seems that this [administration] is only interested in exacting revenge against its political opponents [instead of] bringing meaningful reforms for the good of the Filipino people,” he said.
Asked if the INC hierarchy would issue a statement against Mr. Aquino, he said: “Do we really have to say the words? The number of INC members who trooped to the event is enough indication of our position.”
source: inquirer.net

I know what those "INC insiders" or "high ranking INC officials" say were their opinions and views about politics. It contradicts the official statement came from the church that says:

Santiago said the event was a purely evangelical gathering that will involve their members as well as guests.
"Siguro masasabi natin na nagkataon lang yun," he said referring to the political angle the event has generated over the past few days.
"Ito ay isang purely religious gathering. At hindi katulad na sabi ng iba, at gaya ng nakikita ngayon, ang mga kapatid natin na naririto, kasama ang panauhing inimbita para makapakining sa salita ng Diyos na aming sinasamplataya," he added.

Is it a political rally or purely religious?

I really wonder why nonmembers and the media keeps on saying it was a political rally where no marks of politics happened in the event. Ministers didnt even mentioned about politics in that time. Grand evangelical Mission was a regular activity of the church happens many times in a year in different venues and locales around the world.

Its just that it was held first time in Quirino Grandstand because of the ever increasing membership in the church. So, what is the connection of propagating of God's words to the impeachment trial of CJ Corona? Any guess?

If the news were true that some INC members participated in the rally in front of Supreme Court last Feb. 10, 2012 what's the big deal? I thought there is a democracy in the Philippines? If it is true that the INC supports CJ Corona, so what? Does the INC admin. have no right to show their view about some issues in the government?

Note: Showing of political views is different from what media alleged to the INC saying the church is influencing some senator judges and so on in the impeachment trial. It was a mere lie.

The bible says:

"The men answered, "Caesar's." Then Jesus said to them, "Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and give to God the things that are God's." Mat. 22:21

Feb. 10th's rally event, let us say "a support for Corona" (Give to Caesar)

But Feb. 28th's GEM was a purely religious work. (Give to God)

MANILA, Philippines — The massive Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) gathering at the Rizal Park Tuesday was not a political rally but purely a religious activity to spread the word of God.
This was the assurance of INC leadership headed by its Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo, allaying speculations that the mammoth religious activity, known as the Grand Evangelical Mission, had political color and was held as a show of force to influence the ongoing impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato C. Corona.
Over two million INC members and guests attended Tuesday’s gathering, paralyzing major thoroughfares in Metro Manila.
As early as midnight Monday, hundreds of buses carrying INC members from nearby provinces were already seen in the vicinity of Luneta.
Most of those who joined in the Bible exposition at the Quirino Grandstand came from the local churches in Metro Manila, Southern Tagalog, and Central Luzon.
This was the biggest Bible exposition this year of the influential religious group, held simultaneously in 18 selected cities and towns nationwide.
The grand evangelical mission was held as the INC leadership declared 2012 as year of massive propagation of God’s words in preparation for its centennial celebration on July 2014.
Since last week, a circular signed by Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo was read during the INC’s worship services, urging all members to invite non-INC members to attend the grand Bible exposition that started at 5 p.m.
INC lay leader Moises Tolentino said the invitation was sent to all Filipinos, including government officials, justices, and legislators. “This is open to everybody as we want them to hear God’s word about the salvation of mankind come Judgment Day,” Tolentino said.
Aquino, Corona Skip Rally
Despite getting a general invitation to the event, President Benigno S. Aquino III and Chief Justice Corona skipped the annual gathering of the INC to avoid giving a political color to the religious affair.
The INC leadership explained that the huge religious gathering was held Tuesday instead of weekend as Tuesday is the only free day for the INC. The INC has worship services every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday while classes for those taking ministerial courses are being held on Monday. On the other hand every Friday is reserved for visitation of INC members and locales and meetings of officers.
The last time the religious group held a big congregation was in 1989, the 75th INC anniversary where more than four million members trooped to its central headquarters in Quezon City that paralyzed traffic in the whole of Quezon City.
Traffic Paralyzed
Because of the mammoth gathering, traffic buildup was experienced on all roads leading to Quirino Grandstand in Manila owing to the number of people who joined the religious gathering, an official of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority said.
MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino said several buses and other vehicles that ferried INC members started arriving from all parts of Metro Manila and the provinces Monday night until Tuesday morning that resulted in tangled traffic in the metropolis, particularly the cities of Manila and Pasay.
“INC members have started flocking to the Quirino Grandstand area as early as Monday night to join their grand evangelical mission even if it was still scheduled to start on Tuesday afternoon. There were buses that arrived from Quezon, Bicol and Central Luzon,” said Tolentino.
“Because of the influx of motorists, difficulties were experienced and some people were forced to walk,” said Tolentino.
According to Tolentino, private vehicles and buses that ferried the INC members were stationed in the area and occupied the lanes of Roxas Boulevard and secondary streets near the Quirino Granstand.
Emerson Carlos, assistant general manager for operations, noted that the agency did not close portions of Epifanio delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) and Roxas Boulevard but was impassable for a certain period Tuesday due to the heavy volume of traffic heading to the religious gathering.
“All parked vehicles have reached parts of Roxas Bolevard up to the Cuneta Astrodome,” the MMDA official.
The stretch of Katigbak Drive, South Drive, and Independence Road were closed starting Tuesday noon onwards to manage traffic in the area.
Carlos said the agency also deployed “Libreng Sakay” buses on Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City and other parts of Metro Manila because of lack of buses during the morning.
“The INC rented a number of public utility buses that stranded some commuters but deployed buses were enough to transport them to their schools and offices,” he added.
To cope with the expected swell in the number of vehicles, the agency beefed up its traffic enforcers in the area, adding 700 more enforcers plus rescue workers. (With reports from Genalyn D. Kabiling and Sarah H. Velasco)
source: mb.com

March 24, 2012

INC's GEM vs. RCC's WYD and Nazareno devotees' attendance

Many foolish filipino catholic bloggers made posts about the GEM of the Iglesia ni Cristo held at the Quirino Grandstand, Manila last February 28, 2012.

Why they are "fool"?

Because the INC event was compared to the Catholic's attendance in 1995 World Youth Day and attendance in 2012 Nazareno Procession. They are the one's who said that INC in the Philippines comprise only about 2.3% of the population while the Philippines is a predominantly catholic country.

The question is: Why compare???

I smell some insecurities here^^

Let us read the post of a Catholic Priest on his blog, "The splendor of the church " entitled "Grand Evangelical Ministry of Iglesia ni Manalo in Luneta failed to gather the promised 3 million crowd"

ABOVE: World Youth Day Manila 1995 with Pope John Paul the Great which gathered a crowd of 4-5 million people. Below, the 2012 Iglesia ni Manalo Grand Evangelical Mission which drew a crowd of 600,000 people. NOTHING IN COMPARISON. And to add, don't forget the NAZARENO PROCESSION 2012 which gathered a crowd of 8 million and lasted for 21 hours.

600,000 attend INC grand evangelical event

Posted at 02/28/2012 8:56 PM | Updated as of 02/29/2012 12:59 PM
MANILA, Philippines - At least 600,000 people attended the Iglesia ni Cristo's (INC) Grand Evangelical Mission at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila on Tuesday, authorities said...

See his comment on the photo? Funny isnt it? He even had the guts to say "NOTHING IN COMPARISON" after showing INC's GEM and RCC's World youth day attendance! hahaha and then, saying "And to add, don't forget the NAZARENO PROCESSION 2012 which gathered a crowd of 8 million and lasted for 21 hours. "

You judge, did he compared it or not? hahaha

Another insecure catholic defender wrote on his blog, that title is "INC vs. Nazareno devotees", it is stated:

The recent INC Grand Evangelical Mission was able to muster a measly 600,000 in spite of the massive "fetching" of the INC. They have paid buses to shuttle their members to the Luneta Grandstand. And remember, they are forced to attend which INC members love to call "show of unity".

This Grand Evangelical Mission is a rare occasion.

Compare it with this.

A yearly event, this is. The Feast of the Black Nazarene.

And it gets getting bigger. The last one, in January 9, 2012, had eight million devotees coming.

Just comparing.

Well, all I can think of is that the Nazareno procession is free of charge. No need to pay your tithes. While the other one...you get the picture.

I want to comment on that, saying that members are "forced" to attend this activity, this is a big lie, because only those INC members who have (panauhin) invited guests who attend to Pamamahayag and Grand Evangelical Missions, only few members who attend GEM's without invited guests. Another lie is saying INC practice tithing, that is a bad catholic blogger, very bad.


Should we compare INC's GEM attendance to RCC's WYD and Nazareno procession attendance?

I call those people who compare achievements of the INC to the RCC as "dumb". Why? Because they are. INC's GEM in Quirino Grandstand was attended by 50% nonmembers (catholics and protestants) and 50% INC members, that is why we cannot call this an INC assembly.

INC's GEM vs. RCC's 1995 World Youth Day

Comparing these two is called foolishness. Again, Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country, the U.S department of state said that the 97 million population of the Phil. comprises about 80-85% catholics, well that means there are 80million plus catholics in the Philippines!
But sadly, less than 5% of Catholics in the Philippines participated the event.

Trivia: to those people who doesnt know what World Youth day is, ill tell you:

"World Youth Day (commonly abbreviated to WYD) is a youth-oriented Catholic Church event. While the event itself celebrates the Catholic faith, the invitation to attend extends to all youth, regardless of religious convictions.

World Youth Day is commonly celebrated in a way similar to many events. The most emphasized and well known traditional theme is the unity and presence of numerous different cultures. Flags and other national declarations are displayed amongst people to show their attendance at the events and proclaim their own themes of Catholicism. Such is usually done through chants and singing of other national songs involving a Catholic theme.
Over the course of the major events taking place, national objects are traded between pilgrims. Flags, shirts, crosses, and other Catholic icons are carried amongst pilgrims which are later traded as souvenirs to other people from different countries of the world. A unity of acceptance among people is also common, with all different cultures coming together to appreciate one another.
Other widely recognized traditions include the Pope's public appearance, commencing with his arrival around the city with the "Popemobile" and then with his final Mass held at the event. Such is the regard for the large distance of pilgrimage walks performed by the attenders of the event. One of the more recent festivals in Sydney recorded an estimated distance of a 10-kilometre walk as roads and other public transport systems were closed off."
source: wikipedia

World Youth day is a week long celebration, an event for youths catholic and non catholic alike. Its participants are not only the people in the country it was held but different countries send hundreds and thousands of delegates to attend on the said occasion, that is why it is called World Youth day, meaning it is international.

One example is the 23rd WYD 2008 in Sydney Australia,

"More than 300,000 pilgrims camped out overnight in preparation for the Final Mass. The final attendance reported by Reuters was up to 300,000, however World Youth Day's Chief Operating Officer Danny Casey and other media reported over 400,000 attendees." source: wikipedia

Wow, on the 23rd WYD, more than half of the attendees came from different parts of the world! Well, how about the case on the 1995 WYD in the Philippines?

"In the 1995 World Youth Day, 5 million youths gathered at Manila's Luneta Park in the Philippines, an event recognized as the largest crowd ever by the Guinness World Records.But in another account provided by Card. Angelo Amato (Prefect, Congregation for the Causes of Saints), the estimated number was 4 million people." source: wikipedia

The 1995 WYD was hosted by the only predominantly catholic in the far east, where over 70million catholics live, the Philippines. It is said that it has been recognized as the largest crowd ever, sadly, pilgrims or visitors from hundreds of countries were not estimated as it was attended by a high number of people.

So, i wonder, why compare the "WYD largest crowd ever" to the INC's GEM's attendance in Quirino Granstand last Feb. 28, 2012 which is only participated by districts in Manila, Calabarzon and other near provinces?

INC's GEM vs. Nazarene procession 2012

Yearly, millions of Catholic fanatics attended the procession of the Black Nazarene in the Philippines, and so the attendance of the procession this year makes it on the "list of largest peaceful gatherings in history" and we can say that it is the largest gathering of Catholics in the history.

I wonder again, why compare INC's GEM to the "largest gathering of Catholics in the history"?



Catholic priest's post title
"Grand Evangelical Ministry of Iglesia ni Manalo in Luneta failed to gather the promised 3 million crowd" is a deception! Because never did the INC promise something like that! NEVER! It is them that says only 2% were INC members in the Philippines meaning about 2million, so how can the Grandstand be filled with 3 million people when they say INC members nationwide are only 2million?

And i think ive found the article what the Catholic Priest didnt understand well, the news where he claimed that the "INC promise 3 million crowd":

"Police expect up to 2 million people to mass up in Manila’s Rizal Park in the vicinity of the Quirino Grandstand on Tuesday during the “grand evangelical mission” of the influential Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), but said there was no need to disrupt the signals of mobile phones as “no security threats have been received by authorities so far.”

Philippine National Police spokesman Chief Superintendent Agrimero Cruz Jr. said that while authorities project the crowd to reach around 1 to 2 million,..."

source: inquirer.net

You too can search it in the internet about the news saying about the 2million crowd expected by the POLICE. It was the POLICE who expected some 2million and not 3million! Never did the INC in its history that it gave expected numbers of attendance on an INC gathering.


For me, it is not the ATTENDANCE that what should be compared, but these:

INC's GEM vs. Nazareno procession 2012

Trash, not bombs, was "terror" threat faced by street sweepers

For those who cleaned up after the Black Nazarene feast in Manila on Tuesday, the only “terror” they faced came not from bomb-carrying radicals but from tons of garbage left behind by a record eight million devotees.

“They’re hopeless,” said a tired Samuel Dueñas of the Manila Department of Public Services (DPS) who is in charge of the cleanup, referring to the participants who litter the streets of Quiapo year after year.

“They don’t even want to change the procession route. Nothing will ever change,” he said, stressing how devotees have become set in their ways.

Although augmented by manpower from the Metro Manila Development Agency and National Parks Development Committee, the Manila DPS’ 300 street sweepers and six garbage trucks found it difficult to cope with the workload after Monday’s procession from the Quirino Grandstand to the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo, which took 22 hours to wind up. Street sweepers assigned to Plaza Miranda, who were expecting the more than six-kilometer procession to end at 2 a.m. on Tuesday, ended up having to wait until after 6 a.m. to do their work.

As of noontime on Tuesday, the sweepers, working in shifts, were still hard at work. While the DPS has yet to tally the total trash volume from the almost daylong procession, Dueñas noted that it was worse than last year, and that all six DPS garbage trucks were full.

Environmental group EcoWaste Coalition, which helped in the cleanup, said it was “appalled” by the littering despite repeated appeals for the devotees to clean up. Coalition president Roy Alvarez called it a “massive violation of the antilittering provisions of Republic Act 9003, the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act, and relevant city and barangay ordinances.”

“It is totally unacceptable to ‘suspend’ the enforcement of the antilittering law in the name of devotion. In fact, littering does not in any way exalt the Black Nazarene whom many Filipinos implore to grant fervent prayers for good health and other blessings,” said Tin Vergara, Zero Waste campaigner.

EcoWaste, however, found hope in those who helped in the immediate cleanup at Quirino Grandstand, including church workers and student volunteers.

source: inquirer.net

INC rallyists cleadned up Luneta mess

THE Manila City Hall’s department of public services (DPS) yesterday clarified that the members of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) who attended the Grand Evangelical Mission (GEM) at the Quirino Grandstand in Luneta did a clean-up operation right after the said event, aided by personnel from the DPS.

In an interview, DPS chief ret.Col. Carlos Baltazar said the city’s streetsweepers deployed right after the GEM were in fact surprised to find out that most of the area covered by the mission had already been cleaned up.

Baltazar also said that based on the streetsweepers’ accounts, mounds of garbage were indeed usually left behind during big gatherings but that in the case of the INC’s bible exposition that day, the area was clear of such.

According to Baltazar, the second shift of streetsweepers who gave interviews regarding tons of garbage collected in the area and the streets adjacent to it were not fully aware of the entire clean-up operations, that they missed mentioning that the INC members themselves cleaned up the area right after the huge gathering.

He also lauded the INC members for heeding the call of their minister to make sure that they leave the area as clean as it was when they arrived there.

Baltazar deployed some 100 clean-up personnel to aid the INC teams assigned to clear the said venue of any trash, including the streets adjacent to the Quirino Grandstand.

Former traffic bureau chief Col. Rizaldy Yap, who was also in the said affair on invitation, said that indeed, he saw with his own two eyes how the INC members themselves helped clean up the whole area.

“May mga naka-assign na magligpit ng mga silya, meron ding mga naka-assign na mamulot ng basura,” he said.

source: journal.com

INC's GEM vs. RCC's World Youth Day

INC's GEM was very successful. Preparations on setting the venues and preparations of duty officers are not wasted. The Church financed the venues and the rented buses and jeepneys. The Government didnt financed the church even a cent and so did not benefit on the said event.

While the 23rd World Youth Day 2008 in Australia--> a great business!

"Some are concerned regarding the NSW state governments public funding of $129 million and the Federal government's funding of $55 million. Some described it as a "promotional event" for the Catholic Church.
However the Sydney Chamber of Commerce estimated that World Youth Day would generate $230 million of economic activity and the NSW State Government had claimed that World Youth Day would have a direct economic benefit over $150 million. In addition to direct benefits the State Government had stated that the coverage of World Youth Day overseas was worth at least $1 billion. These gains would offset and exceed the government's expenditure on World Youth Day."
source: wikipedia

INC's GEM= 600,000 in attendance vs. Nazareno Procession= 8,000,000 in attendance
LRT line 1 breaks record
Manila, Philippines – The Green Line of the state-owned and –operated Light Rail Transit (LRT) posted its highest ridership the other day, after the Grand Evangelical Mission of Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) at Quirino Grandstand caused tremendous traffic in Manila.
LRT Authority Hernando Cabrera said the LRT Green Line, formerly LRT Line 1, posted its highest ridership at 658,627 last February 28, breaking the previous record during the Feast of the Black Nazarene last January 9, with a ridership of 620,987.
Cabrera said LRTA decided to extend by an hour the operating schedule of the Green Line to accommodate INC members and other passengers who chose to ride the mass transit system than endure long hours of being stranded on the streets. (Kris Bayos)
source: tempo.com

All in all, it should be noted that INC's GEM in Quirino Grandstand is just one of the 19 venues. While the World Youth Day is the only one venue for all catholics around the world.

Now, compare it again, you want comparisons huh...

March 20, 2012

INC's Grand Evangelical Mission Feb. 28, 2012 a big success!

Finally, i have time to do a post!^^ Im just busy this last few weeks, i really missed blogging so, lets start!

Above was the video of INC's GEM held last Feb. 28. 2012, another historical achievements in the INC! The year 2012 in the church is dubbed as "Taon ng puspusang pagpapalaganap ng mga salita ng Dyos" the preparation for the upcoming centennial celebration of the church on July 27, 2014. Because the church has a program launched by the former executive minister Bro. Erano Manalo i think in 2004 called "double the serial number" where every locale around the world is expected to have doubled member's number before 2014.

And the only way to do that is for the members participate in this activity, inviting their loved ones to attend in the "Pamamahayag" or "Grand evangelical missions".

But why in the year 2012?

-Because visitor's of the GEM's or Pamamahayag's this year will be the fruits or new converts in 2013 and early 2014 (6 months estimated time for indoctrination and probationary period for would-be members.)

We do all these not just for the sake of increasing membership in the church but adding more souls that will be saved by Christ in the judgment day, that is the very reason why we, tirelessly invite more people and making more people know about the church, even we are persecuted by many...

The grand evagelical mission was held in 19 different locations around the Philippines, the biggest gathering was held at the Quirino Grandstand, Rizal Park Manila.

Isabela Sports Complex, Isabela

In Isabela, police said 20,000 INC members joined the event at the Isabela Sports Complex in the capital town of Ilagan.

Jose V. Yap Sports and Recreational Complex, San Jose, Tarlac

Gloria Town Plaza, Oriental Mindoro

Pili Freedom Sports Complex, Pili, Camarines Sur

At least 35,000 members from the Bicol provinces gathered at the Camarines Sur Sports Complex in Barangay San Jose village, Pili, said Senior Superintendent Procopio Lipana, acting provincial police chief.

La Union National High School Sports Complex, San Fernando City, La Union

Paglaum Sports Complex, Bacolod City

An estimated 60,000 to 100,000 Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) members in Negros Occidental attended the church’s religious activity at Paglaum Sports Complex in Bacolod City yesterday.

Cebu City Fuente Osmeña

Cebu City Police Chief Melvin Buenafe, who fielded 135 policemen to secure the gathering, estimated the crowd at about 20,000.

Tacloban City Convention Center

Pagadian City Gym, Zamboanga del Sur

Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro City

Davao Agro-Football Stadium, Davao City

In Davao City, thousands of INC members traveled for hours, some of them suffered blown out tires to attend a prayer rally that was part of the religious group's nationwide grand evangelical mission. They filled the Agro Soccer Field, which had a crowd capacity of 100,000 persons.

General Santos City Gym

La Paz Plaza, Iloilo

Butuan City Sports Complex

Odiongan Sports Complex, Odiongan, Romblon

Puerto Princesa Coliseum, Palawan

Coron Gym, Palawan

Sta. Cruz Plaza, Sta. Cruz, Marinduque

Quirino Grandstand, Manila

At least 600,000 people attended the Iglesia ni Cristo's (INC) Grand Evangelical Mission at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila on Tuesday, authorities said.

All for the Glory of God, the Father!