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May 13, 2012

Former Members Church of God international blog opens!

In this day, formermemberschurchofgodinternational.blogspot.com is now officially open and available in the web!

I build this blog to COUNTER the still running television program of MCGI of Soriano called "D Xman" which the hosts, as you can observe, they do not EXPOSE(reveal facts) teachings of the INC but rather MOCK and laugh at INC doctrines. Try to watch even just 1 of their episodes in UNTV 37, that's being unprofessional as anyone can observe. It is unfair that the counter program "Ang mga nagsi-alis sa samahang ang dating daan" is not anymore broadcasted in television, as it answer the created ATTACKS of the church of Soriano.

The purpose of my newly made blog is not to shame MCGI members or i am campaigning hatred to them or to invent, attack and create lies. My purpose is sincere: For them to EXAMINE THEIR DOCTRINES.

Hope you support my new blog!^^


  1. oo nga puro tawa lang sila sa d-xman e walang kapali paliwanag... panoorin nyo at pansinin

  2. mas maganda siguro kapatid kung sa http://www.metacafe.com/ tayo mag upload, e lagi kasing naka-online si Bro. Eli kaya laging nag-rereport

  3. Bakit wala naman pong post sa blogspot n yun?


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