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January 18, 2011

Bro. Felix's ordination on Dec. 1918?

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English translation:“Gentlemen: We cordially invite your majesty to the celebration concerning the THANKSGIVING due to the FIFTH YEAR LIFE of “IGLESIA NI KRISTO” in the Philippines and the LAYING OF HANDS on brother Felix Manalo in the duty of Pastor and Administrator of the Church.

This will be held at Sine "GLoria” on December 25 in this year, 8:00 am at the said date..."

This is from Emily Jordan Blog entitled "The Secret behind Felix Manalo's Ordination", it tackles about the alleged ORDINATION of Bro. Felix Manalo by Laying on Hands of him by Protestant Pastors.

First conclusion: What can we expect from an ADD member (the owner of the blog Emily Jordan)?

Most of NONMEMBERS always make accusations about the church, and im always wondering "BAKIT MAS MAALAM PA SILA KESA SA MGA MYEMBRO?" And they will say, "it is because the ministers BRAINWASHING YOUR MINDS" or "because you cannot accept the truth, you are blind to the truth that the ministers hide from you!"

Very funny. It is like, as if they know my personality MORE THAN my parents.They always make allegations, accusations, myths and whatsoever about the church.

That's an EVIL THING!

Clearly a black PROPAGANDA. But those were so old as them, still being thrown to the INC every now and then and always answered by the INC.

Well, lets go back to the topic.

What really happened on Dec. 1918 at Sine Gloria? AN ORDINATION??

Let us look it up on Wikipedia:


The church’s growth and expansion met many criticisms and persecutions. Its leaders and members alike were often ridiculed and maligned. However, Felix Manalo was an eloquent speaker, and he could deliver a skillful argument, had a facility in the use of Scriptures and a mastery in organization. The ministers of the Christian Mission honored him on December 12, 1918, as an outstanding evangelist.

From Pasugo May-June 1986

On December 25, 1918, ministers of the Christian Mission honored Felix Manalo as an outstanding evangelist. The certificate was signed by Ministers Leslie Wolfe and Higinio Mayor, attested by attorney V. Dimagiba. The affair, held at the Gloria Theater in Tondo, Manila was attended by Church members and several Protestant pastors.


The high esteem Minister Felix Manalo enjoyed among religious evangelists helped. The ministers of the Christian Mission honored him on December 12, 1918, as an outstanding evangelist and the Genius Divinical College of Manila, a non-sectarian institution, bestowed on him on March 28, 1931, a Master of Bible Science, honoris causa.

From northphiltimes.com:

The ministers of the Christian mission honored him as an outstanding evangelist on Dec. 25,1918. He died on April 12,1963, an example of good leadership and religious devotion.

From nhi.gov.ph:

From Churches of Christ/Iglesia ni Kristo (1901) or Christian Mission member itself, he stated (see his comment below my post):

1. DALAWANG AKLAT PA LANG ANG GINAMIT PERO KITANG-KITA NATIN SA MGA ITO ANG KATOTOHANAN NA WALANG KINALAMAN ANG ORDINASYON SA PAGBIGAY NG CERTIFICATE! (I have used only 2 books and we all see the truth that the ordination has nothing to do with the certificate!)

Now, it is VERY CLEAR,

That on Dec. 1918, on SINE GLORIA, given by the Christian Mission, it happened to be the HONORING OF BRO.FELIX MANALO AS AN OUTSTANDING EVANGELIST!

That is why the laying of hands of Bro. Felix Manalo were done by PROTESTANT and CATHOLICS pastors!

What can now those ADD members and Catholic Defenders say about that TRUTH???

And if you still believe that the event was an ordination, then, I can only say, "WHAT AN ORDINATION!" if they (from catholic authorities and protestant pastors) ordained someone who is not a MEMBER OF THEIR RELIGION!

From the copy of the event above it is stated:

Ang pagpapatong ng kamay sa Kapatid na Felix Manalo na tutungkulin ng mga obispo at ng mga pastor ng ibat ibang Iglesiang nakatatag sa kapuluan, na ang mga itoy ang kagalang galang na Alejandro Reyes, Victoriano Mariano, Gil Domingo, Guillermo Zarco, Nicolas Fajardo, Emiliano Quijano, at Roque Bautista. (The laying of hands to Bro. Felix Manalo that will be done by bishops and pastors from different churches...)

bagong uso? (new trend?)
A Catholic authority ordaining protestant pastors?
a Protestant authority ordaining catholic priests?


*thanks to BAGWIS2010 and Emmanuel duque for letting me understand this issue.

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