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June 27, 2010

Church News: June 2010

GEMNET and NET 25 jubilant with RP’s use of ISDB-T

“I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

Quoting the line from Robert Frost’s famous poem, the choice of Japan’s digital TV standard for the Philippines is a case of ‘a road less traveled’ for the two major networks that fully support the adoption of the Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting technology (ISDB-T) in the country.

The Global Electronic Media Network (GEMNet), media arm of the Iglesia Ni Cristo and NET 25, the TV station of Eagle Broadcasting Corporation, stood their ground to support and promote the Japanese standard for its technical superiority at a time when other TV networks in the country favored DVB-T, the European standard and ATSC, the American standard.

Upon receiving the news of the issuance of a draft order by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) declaring the use of the Japanese system, GEMNET and NET 25 expressed jubilation.

“Outside Japan, the Philippines is the very first country in Asia to implement Japanese standard in digital TV. Hence, it is also historic that the country picks an Asian technology that is known worldwide for its flexibility and superiority,” GEMNET In-Charge of Digital TV Project, Engr. Caesar F. Villadiego said.

Villadiego led a team to monitor Japanese technology developments at the annual International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition (InterBEE) and regularly meets government representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication (MIC) in Tokyo, Japan. He also presented the results of GEMNET’s independent technical comparative study of two digital TV standards to MIC in 2008.

Having commissioned GEMNET as its technology partner, NET 25 will largely benefit from the wide headstart that it has created in digital TV broadcasting. In fact, this is a five-year advantage compared to the digital switch in 2015 imposed by the government.

NET 25 is the first free TV to use HD systems in the production of programs. This continues without let-up as the first HD Studio in the country built by NET 25 is now operational. Some of these programs are aired live via ISDB-T test broadcast on Channel 49.

“With ISDB-T, NET 25 made history with its digital imprint in the first automated Philippine elections through its Full HD and digital TV coverage. From data gathering and production to post-production, NET 25 is fully digital,” NET 25 Chief Marketing Officer, Caesar R. Vallejos said.

Aiming for an aggressive global expansion, GEMNET and NET 25 will embark on a stronger digital TV partnership to be more competitive and relevant in the industry. In the end, it will be the viewing public who will benefit from the digital technology in broadcasting with interactivity features and robust, life-like images.

For GEMNET and NET 25, ISDB-T ushers a new era in television.

Summit of Faith 2010

San Bruno, California
-- For Sister Joann of San Pablo, California, faith is a little word that opens countless opportunities.

Because faith is so important in the lives of members of the Church of Christ, over a thousand of the youth members (also known as Kadiwas and Binhis), along with their parents, flooded the second annual Summit of Faith in Northern California. It was held on February 6, 2010 at the Cappuchino High School Auditorium in San Bruno. It’s an event filled with God’s words through music, real life stories of other young members and a sermon by District Minister, Bro. Robert Pellien. Brethren came excited for an activity that was sure to charge up their faith, their love for their membership and most of all, their love for God.

Sister Roxanna Evangelista was eager to bring her children to the activity.

I know that this will make their faith even stronger than it already is,” said Sister Roxanna, “And it’ll also make them feel good about themselves and about their faith.

Sister Roxanna is only one of the many parents in the Church of Christ who realize they need to build up their children’s faith in God, especially while they are young.

Brother Ulysses Umali, one of the youth who attended, remembers how he learned to value his faith at a young age.

The beginning of this year has been really hard,” said Brother Ulysses, “My grandfather passed away and he was the one who always used to bring me to church when I was younger.”His grandfather may be gone now, but Brother Ulysses’ faith continues to grow.

As the youth socialized in the hallways, they chatted about what they were expecting from this year’s summit. They defined what faith means to them on a “mural of faith” located near the main entrance. They shared stories about the different trials they face in the world today. The economy has been bad on them and their parents. As they grow, they’re becoming more aware of the imperfections and disasters that surround them. Earthquakes, violence, daunting social issues and calamities plaster the news. On top of that, they still have to deal with the basic growing pains of growing up, like peer pressure.

But when Sister Shayna Avery gets pressured by kids at school she knows exactly what to do.

You know, going to school, your friends try to make you do things that aren’t Christian like,” says Sister Shayna, “and you always have to choose - do you want the world or do you want God? And it’s always been God for me.

The youth gathered to be around those who know what it means to be young and Christian today. Sister Renezen Benedicto, Kadiwa District President, feels it’s important for the youth to know they’re not alone.

When you are young, you think that no one understands, like how hard it is for me, how hard it is to go to school and you know [how it is] to be peer-pressured” says Sister Renezen, “but we wanted them to know that we do understand… but you know as members of the Church of Christ, even though we’re not going to be immune by the problems and from all of those things, we all have something far greater to hold on to.

Sister Sarah Antonio holds onto her faith. “My faith is a God given strength that holds me up when I’m down and keeps me together when I’m falling apart,” says Sister Sarah, “It’s the love He gives me that is always by my side.

Being around other youth was good medicine and an even better vaccine against the many problems and obstacles they face. But the best medicine was hearing the words of God through a lesson that spoke directly to the current issues that young people have to deal with today. Through the lesson, they learned trials are nothing new, but at each one, they can count on God to be there, as long as they follow Him.

Sister Jaede from Reno, Nevada will be taking a valuable lesson home. “I know in this world I can’t always ask for everything,” says Sister Jaede, “but in God I can find everything I need no matter what. So putting Him as a priority is a big benefit in my life and my faith.

Besides listening to the words of God, the youth also enjoyed musical performances.

Here I am and I’m a mess,” quotes Brother Gil Castro, and continues to explain the lyrics to the song he performed, “Everyone can relate to that. At some point in your life, things just don’t go right but God always makes things clear and helps you find the answers to your problems.

Not only did they listen to music with Christian message, but the youth watched real life stories of other Church of Christ youth who’ve had to make difficult choices and face even tougher problems. The stories played an important part in Brother Timothy’s impression of this year’s Summit of Faith.

Now that I’ve gone to Summit of Faith,” Brother Timothy said, “the brethren’s interviews even some that were really sad, it reminded me of how important my faith is.

They later wrote about the state of their own faith; how they’d like it to grow, and how they want it to change them.

Tyler and Debbie from Tracy, California said, “I thought of everything I wanted to improve and I wrote everything down. I feel like I want to better myself and reach the highest perfection of my faith that I possibly can and serve God til my last days.

There are so many things and so many people the youth can choose, but at this year’s Summit of Faith they learned what it means to choose God as their best friend. And they learned what matters most.

My faith is what is important in life, not material things,” says Brother Christian from Fremont, California, and continued by saying “all this stuff here on earth is nothing, our real treasure is in heaven.

For sister Anna Bilbes, from Mountain View, California, choosing God and faith are the best decisions the youth can make. “It’s okay to love God with all our hearts,” says Sister Anna, “it’s okay to dedicate everything to Him, it’s okay because we all do it together and God is glorified and that’s what we want.

Brother Christian and many others can’t wait for more activities for the youth. “The more we gather, the stronger we are,” said Brother Christian.

As for Sister Tracy from Fairfield, California, she wants to pass on the strength and knowledge she’s received today to others. “I want to share my faith now more than ever.

From: Gemnet.tv

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