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May 12, 2010

The alleged few votes for the ALAGAD party-list

Let us read the poor informed member of the founded church of Eliseo Soriano, (as i know MCGI have its research team for issue's that will, as they think, will bring down the Church of Christ. But, its the vice versa that was happened, very obvious that all of that were just but a propaganda. Tsk. Tsk.)

In this anti-INC blog it is stated:

Alagad Party List of Iglesia ni Cristo has one seat on the House of Representatives of the Philippines on the 13th Congress. They won A SINGLE seat for they had 340,977 votes (2.6802% of the nationwide party-list vote) on the 2004 election.

What! only 340,977 thousand votes?
What happened to their millions of members reported on their pasugo? Did pasugo lied?Even their pasugo have conflicting statistics on their number of members.
But why in the hell the INC (glory) was limited to only 340,977 thousand votes?What happened to their ‘block voting’?
What happened to their ‘pagkakaisa’?
Did some of their members have no longer faith on the decisions handed down by their Church Administration led by Erano Manalo?
Or the number of INC members are really just roughly less than half a million these days?
Maybe that’s the reason why INC worship services causes less traffic on (INC temple) located along commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City and on most of their locales/churches. hmmm. How pitiful. Sad but true.
For the full context, click here.

At the start, i will admit that i do not know something about it (especially im not yet a voter^_^) and i said, "maybe its true?" not until in my researches, i found an answer about this matter:

"INC Doesn't support one party-list...it varies in every ecclesiastical district"

Then i recall the circular read in the worship service about the list of the candidates that will support by us, members of the Church of Christ... Then when the 1st district in our city read whom partylist should be voted, it was letter A (for example, name of the partylist group). And when the 2nd district was then next to read, it was B (for example)... In another city, C was chosen. I then ask my self, "I think it is only one partylist whom the INC is supporting during election?"

Then i said after i realized this things...

"Ah ok, that's why as the bitter nonmembers say that only 300,000+ who voted (2004 election) from the partylist called ALAGAD" Not because the INC members didnt cooperate with the UNITY inside the church, but because the INC did not in any way SUPPORT ONLY ONE PARTYLIST!

It is a funny thing to note that the nonmembers think they are so INTELLIGENT and SMART, that their ideas about it, is PERFECT!

Because they say only 300,000+ voted for a partylist called ALAGAD, then they concluded that the INC members did not cooperate for (as other institutions) put the number of the adherents for about 2-3 million registered voters. The sad part, EVIDENTLY THEY SHOWED THAT ITS ALL BUT A BIG LIE!

What the INC members support on party list groups depends on the district they belong, if you want an evidence, try to go in the worship service week before elections coz it is being read by means of a circular from the church administration, then you will just say to yourself, "WHY I BECAME A LIAR"?

My message again to eveyone:
If you know nothing and anything about the Church of Christ, especially this matter about voting as represents unity among members, that they obey and follow what God commissioned (the church administration) to guide the members in a better living and in God's will..
PLEASE, Dont judge and conclude something right away, ESPECIALLY YOU DONT HAVE THE RIGHT and YOU KNOW NOTHING!^_^


  1. On the alleged few votes of Alagad Party-List...

    In equating the numerical strength of the Iglesia Ni Cristo with that of the votes garnered by Alagad Party-List, Non-INC or Catholic Defenders ("Offenders" is more descriptive) only prove its sheer ignorance. The INC does not support only one party-list. This is so because it wants to help as many sectors that need to be represented.

  2. magandang hapon po sa lahat im a member of IGLESIA NI CRISTO di lng po alagad ang sinuportahan ng religion nmin dahil d2 po sa mindanao ang party list n binoto po nmin ay AVE partylist at ung sa pmisamis po dahil nandoon po ang kapatid ko ABS partylist and binoto po nila kaya..un lng po at maraming salamat at god bless us all..

  3. Dito sa limay bataan, ang party list na sinuportahan ay CIBAC. Sa Legazpi City naman ay BUHAY.

    INC cannot obviously support one party list because this would be a clear violation of the law stating that the Party list should not be based on religious affiliations.



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